Welcome to Riverview Lions Club

Message   2015 - 2016

As the new lionistic year has begun, we find ourselves preparing for the fall and winter activities including pancakes breakfasts, catering, our annual seniors appreciation dinner, to name only a few.

I am very proud to be president of the best lions club around and look forward to serving our community with each of you in the coming year. With the commitment and dedication that we serve in so many ways, at the club level, the community and district activities, it is important to be involved in these projects, but lets not forget that we need to support each other and as always, take time to have some fun.

Throughout the coming year my biggest mission will be to welcome new members, work close with all committee chairs, to promote positive thinking and most importantly to make sure we have loads of fun while doing what we do best, serving our wonderful town. We have a large club and will continue to grow as we work together to prove why Riverview is a great place to live, raise a family and grow. It takes every member's participation to have a successful year and I am confident we will truly succeed together.

2015-2016 will be a lot of positive changes and a lot of fun for all of us. For anyone who may think fun and volunteering (did I mention fun) are just what you need, please see the membership link on this website. We welcome new members and will help you to be a successful lion.

President Scott Campagna - 878-9276